Prepare For Wedding Season: A Capsule Dad Wardrobe To Suit Any Setting

It’s summer, which means that all those save the dates and wedding invites that are stuck on your fridge are finally starting to happen (and take over your weekends with your family). Whether you’ve got the kids in tow, or you’re going to a grown-ups only wedding; you’ll need something to wear. With so many settings when it comes to your friends and family getting hitched; you’ll need some attire that will see you through each wedding this summer (and probably for the next few summers ahead). The following are some things to consider if you have a list of nuptials to attend this year but haven’t figured out what to wear yet.

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A formal capsule wardrobe should see you through any weather; from cold, draughty churches to humid Mediterranean balconies, so bear that in mind when you’re suit shopping. The more layers you have to your suit, the more occasions you can use it. It’s always a smart idea to buy two shirts; one with short sleeves and one with long, so that when it is time to take your jacket off and hit the dance floor you’ll be at a comfortable temperature.

Waistcoats are an excellent way to smarten up a short-sleeved shirt, so consider investing in one that will match multiple trousers and jackets, or buy one as part of a set. Fabric choices are also important; when you’re taking your jacket off and on throughout a wedding, you don’t want permanent creases to appear, as there will be plenty of photographic evidence on Instagram of how you and the rest of the guests looked on the day. Try to avoid linens, even though it’s a light fabric that suits hotter weather; you won’t be able to utilise it during the autumn and winter months, and it’ll end up looking like a crumpled tissue at the end of the festivities.


Now that you’ve sorted out the basics, and have a versatile suit and some shirts to work with; you can have some fun and add a little character to your outfit (why should the women have all the fun). Whether you’re going down the route of polka dot dickie-bows or lime green ties; adding a little colour and print to your suit will set you apart a little and ensure that you feel like you’re at a celebration and not just at an interview.

Pocket squares, watches, and socks are other ways to add a pop of fun to your outfit and will ensure that you don’t blend in with a sea of grey and blue suits. Be brave and bold with your colour choices and what you wear to a wedding; everyone (including your other half) will appreciate the effort you’ve put in, and it’s a great way to change the look of your suit for each different occasion.


Make sure your clothes fit you well; you don’t want to be adjusting yourself during the vows and speeches. If you’ve invested in shiny new brogues for each wedding; great, but ensure that you break them in at home beforehand. You won’t be able to last very long on the dance floor if your shoes are killing you (although, you could always take them off and show off those colourful socks you’re so proud of).


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