Mom Deserves an Amazing Anniversary

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Anniversaries should be celebrated in style. They can help keep the bonds between you and your partner as strong as ever, increasing your long-term happiness. This is good for everyone in your family!

It could be argued that you shouldn’t need an excuse such as a wedding anniversary to do something special with your partner. But let’s face it: so many of us are so busy most of the time that it does take a special occasion to snap us out of the daily grind and do something special! We’re going to take a quick look at the things fathers can do for the mother of their children – although, of course, one doesn’t need to have kids – or even be married! – to enjoy these anniversary tips.


Take the day off

First things first: if it’s a work day, then you should make sure you take the day off. If the kids are at school, then take advantage of that time alone. Even if you don’t have more exciting plans than simply hanging out at home and enjoying each other’s company, it will be a great break from the monotony of work and the perfect way to simply focus on each other! If your anniversary happens to fall on a weekend when neither of you is at work anyway, then consider dropping the kids off with a trusted family member or friend who can take them off your hands for a little while. Today is your day. Kids are the beautiful product of your marriage, but let’s face it – they can be a little distracting! Of course, if you want to involve the kids in the celebrations, then there are always ways to do so!

Relive your first date

While one could make the argument that we should strive to create new memories instead of reliving old ones, reliving your first date can be a thrilling new memory in itself! It’s interesting going back to the same places that you visited when you were on your first date because of the difference in feeling between then and now. After all, you may have been smitten on your first date, but now you’re a married couple! When so much has developed, deepened, and changed, it can be a real thrill to go back and indulge in a little nostalgia. And if you can’t go out to the same restaurant, then cook the same meal indoors. If you went to see a movie, then rent that movie on DVD or Blu-Ray.


Gifts she’ll want to keep

It’s often said that the best gifts are experiences as opposed to material possessions, simply because we tend to remember and appreciate our experiences more. This is true for the most part – but if you get personalized, unusual gifts for her, then it’s a different story! Getting something fun or useful and customizing it with something that means a lot to the both of you will ensure that it’s a gift that will always remain special. After all, a lot of couples end up buying each other pretty tacky, throwaway gifts on their anniversary. Don’t be like a lot of other couples! The amount of types of gifts you can get personalized is pretty insane, so take a good look.

The getaway

If you’ve got someone who can look after the kids for a couple of days, then why not go on some kind of getaway? This can take one of many forms. Maybe you could both rent a cabin somewhere remote. Live a different lifestyle away from phones, TV, and computers for a while. Maybe you could relive your younger, more thrilling days by attending a music festival. Remember, you don’t have to travel to some faraway place across the ocean in order to have a beautiful and memorable getaway together. Even visiting a city in the same country can be exciting. As long as its a romantic break from the everyday grind!


The completely new experience

Is there something neither of you has done that you’ve perhaps spoken about at some point in your relationship? If so, then now is the time to do it. Have you always wanted to go skydiving? Maybe your anniversary is the perfect excuse to do just that. If you don’t fancy falling from the sky at high speed, then maybe you could consider a hot air balloon ride instead. Maybe you could both do something even simpler, such as attending a cooking class, or an art class. Take the time to think of an idea that you’ve both flirted with in the past that neither of you has gotten round to doing just yet. Find something on both of your bucket lists are just do it!

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