How to Go About Buying the Perfect Suit

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It is never easy shopping for a good suit. With so much choice out there and some confusion about what types of suits are appropriate for what type of events, we are here today to break through the confusion and lay out the three major types of suits, how to wear them and what events to wear them to.

The Standard Suit

There is the standard type of suit that can be worn to any type of wedding or event. Daytime weddings, evening weddings, summer weddings and winter weddings, these are the types of suits that we can just keep wearing over and over again. The standard wedding suit can even be worn by grooms and then re-used again at other people’s weddings to get their money’s worth.

Grooms looking for a suit that can be recycled must have something a little bit special however, that will make it stand out on the big day itself. The best way to do this is go to a bespoke suits tailors who will be able to fit you out in a three piece, as the waistcoat will add that extra feel of formality and will set you aside from the other male wedding guests. Waistcoats create a fantastic shape and instantly makes any suit look extra sharp and sophisticated.

Good quality material for wedding suits that can be used over and over again, are 100% wool or a cashmere blend. If this type of suit is for a wedding make sure to ask your tailor about the types of colour that will work for both your wedding day and for other weddings in the future where you will be there as a guest.

Casual Wedding Suit

Then we have the casual suit. This is the type of suit that can be worn to beach weddings and outdoor get togethers and garden parties. Casual suits are usually in a pale, light colour so for a casual suit you will want to be looking for light pastels such as sand, off-white, tan, light blue or bright blue so as to the compliment the outdoor setting of the wedding or event that you are going to.


If the event is going to be held on a really hot day you may want to forego the jacket and just wear a shirt, trouser and waistcoat option. Therefore it is always worth buying suits as a full three-piece. The casual suit is not just really versatile it is also more generally more comfortable than the other types of suits due to the lighter and softer material, like linen and cotton, that they are made from. Linen jackets will also be able to be teamed up with jeans so this type of suit it very easy to mix and match and get good value of money from.

The Statement Suit

Of course every now and then we just fancy going all out and wearing something a little bit special. Introducing, the statement suit. Perfect for evening, indoor events. Think satin, brighter colours such as blues, statement colour clash shoes and bold coloured shirts, patterned material and ties. These outfits are more difficult to mix and match but are guaranteed to make a big impact. They are usually a one-off wear and usually consist of satin trims and bold design features. Again speak to your tailor, or look for the type of suit that will make you stand out and promise to allow you to make a big entrance and a big impression

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