Having Epic Summer Fun The Frugal Way

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It is that bittersweet time of year where families all over start panicking about how they will be able to keep their kids entertained all summer long without their bank manager phoning them and using their stern voice. That doesn’t mean you aren’t looking forward to having them home with unbridled joy and happiness and glee, it just means your joy and happiness and glee is slightly tainted by panic, stress and financial woe. What’s worse, your kid may be super excited now but three days in and you’ll have heard the words “I’m bored” in your home more than the words “did you see the last episode of Game Of Thrones?” on the Internet.

Luckily for you, we are awesome (nothing like a quick toot of you own horn every so often). Seriously, though, we are. We know this because we’ve compiled a list of epic tricks and awesome tips to keep your kids whatever the opposite of bored is and your bank manager using his happy voice.

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  1. Annual Pass

In case you missed the part where we stated the summer is long, we’ll say it again… the summer is looooong. That’s why it could well be worth getting yourself a family pass or season pass or annual pass or whatever pass your local attractions offer. The Merlin one is pretty good, as you can see here https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/. Don’t just jump in feet first, though. Do a little math and see how many times you’ll have to visit to recoup your money. Either that or see what other attractions are included on your pass.

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  1. Use Vouchers

OMG vouchers are amazing. The hard part is getting your hands on them or knowing where to look for them. Our favorite at the moment is definitely https://www.vouchercodespro.co.uk/pizza-express which has some amazing offers going on, especially if your kids happen to be big fans of pizza (which was a rhetorical question). Food, attractions, days out, staycations, garden toys, sunscreen. There are vouchers for everything these days, so don’t turn your nose up at any without checking what they are offering first.

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  1. Added Extras

When it comes to enjoying a day out, it isn’t just the cost of admission (times four… minimum.) it is also the cost of getting there and the cost of buying food and drink and treats, all of which is daylight robbery. As such, find ways to limit the damage these thieves do to your bank balance by coming up with solutions. If you can get a family railcard that will save you so much money you can afford to add a conservatory to your house, then don’t hesitate. If you know that your kids are going to get hungry while out, then take a picnic and avoid having to pay £32.50 for three Ninety-Niners (and that is without flakes).

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  1. Get Creative

You may think local parks and free beaches and recreational places can get very boring very quickly, and they can. But not if you use your imagination a little bit. Get the fancy dress box out and head to the park for a little role playing adventure. Or take your bikes and come up with some games. Or just see what activities are being put on by local groups and putting them into your snazzy smartphone calendar. There are always ways to have fun for near enough nothing, it is just about helping the notion of fun along a little bit.

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