Ditch The Video Games – Unwind Like You Used To

As Dads, any free time we can get hold of needs to be used effectively. Working a full-time job, keeping on top of home maintenance and making sure you’re spending enough time with your family sucks the hours from your schedule of free time. It’s likely that you’ll only have a few hours a week of free time depending on what your job is.

When you do finally have a chance to unwind, it’s likely that you’ll feel exhausted from all your responsibilities. In this mood, it’s tempting just to lay back, switch on your favorite video games console and sink time into a match that you don’t have to think critically about. This is fun and perfectly fine to do, but there are better ways to spend this time.

Humanity has existed for millennia without access to shiny-aesthetic video games. There was a time, just like in your childhood, when having fun added to your enjoyment with another, or allowed you to delve deep into the intricacies and playing philosophies of a physical, non-virtual game. This is not to denigrate the nature of video games, they are immensely fun, and many people gain value from them. However, as a Dad, you might like to vye for something different.

Whether you now have the space and funds to set up your long-desired games room, you want to teach your children the value of the games you learned growing up, or you simply want a special recreational activity to relax among friends and a couple of beers, consider applying these old-school leisure activities to the pursuit of free time entertainment.

Five-a-side Soccer

Most people enjoy playing sports when they are a child, but not everyone continues that trend into later adult life. It’s not easy to maintain a solid sports playing schedule unless you’re driven in making that one of your sole free-time hobbies. If you want to play it regularly, especially if it’s a team sport, it can be hard to find like-minded people to play that also adhere to the same schedule that you do.

However, many small-scale venues exist to help you satiate the sporting craving to a limited but brilliant degree. For example, if you have five friends at the office who are into soccer, consider asking them to join a five a side team to compete with no pressure in a league at a local football venue. It’ll help you get in your exercise, and help you reconnect with your youth. Who knows? You might gain a trophy out of it.


Pool is a game of inches and angles and can melt away hours or minutes depending on how long you have to play. For the best way to play the game conveniently, Birmingham Billiards tables exist to help you house the wonderful game within a rec room. The benefits of doing so are numerous. To list a few, playing pool is relatively ‘clean.’ You can set up and play within seconds, and you won’t need any special attire to play it. It’s ideal to play with someone else, but if you’re pushed for someone to play with, you can play against yourself.

Cards & Chess

Chess and all variants of card games are recreational activities for the thinking man. What’s better, it’s a game that you can teach and play with your children if they’re of the age where sound reasoning is relatively feasible. There’s nothing like that glint in their eye when your child takes your bishop through an intelligent move. Chess has improvements on logical reasoning and critical thinking, as evidenced in this article. There’s nothing quite like a good, simple, rustic game of chess or poker to keep the stakes high and to win pretend money from your children.

While these games might lack the shiny enjoyment of your modern video game, they are more conducive to mental development than your standard console shooting affair. Reconnect with your physical ability to play games outside of holding a controller, and your free time is sure to become somewhat more satisfying.



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