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Letters to Your Younger Self

This is a new feature I will be trialing asking people to write a letter to their younger self. Huge thanks to 33 year old Phill Palmer blogger at for kicking things off… Back To The Feature – Phill Palmer

Dear 18 year old me,


There’s a number of things I’d like to tell you but first let me explain that you have a very happy, healthy and lovely family. But you live in Wigan! Yes Wigan! Who would have ever thought it. It’s further north than Watford Gap, I know. Also learn to drive earlier, it’s so much more fun and watch out for cars on the Bushey roundabout 😉

Practice your signature because it’s gonna stay with you for a few years and there’s a couple of embarrassing moments when you can’t nail it!

Buy stocks in Apple. Please 🙂

Unfortunately your hero and grandfather Tom passes away in the near future. Take every moment you have with him, relish his knowledge and al understand that despite his lack of visible emotion, he’s very proud of you.

Life will throw you a curve ball in your career. You’ll become an exceptional golfer and turn professional at 19 but injury will force you to stop a few years later. Life isn’t over and the skills that you learn such as dealing with people, taking a lead on life, instructing others and being competitive stand you in good stead..

Friends come and go. You’re a great judge of character and those that don’t come along with you on the journey that is life, you won’t miss. However those that do are your brothers and would do anything for you. Cherish those friends and the time you have together.

You’ll be a great dad to two gorgeous girls. You’ll be their rock and despite not having a dad yourself, you’ll know what to do – don’t worry.

You’ll meet the life of your life in a random place but you’ll just know. Your wedding day will be exceptional. Life will never be the same after that moment and whatever challenges come your way, you’ll overcome them together.

Top tip for life, fully experience everything life throws at you and don’t regret a thing

Whatever you do,

Don’t stop being you. It’s what led you to where you are now and the future you wouldn’t change that for the world.


The Future You.


Phill at 33

P.s, love the Henry years at Arsenal, it’ll be a few years before you’ll experience beautiful football like that again.


  1. Haha I love this! Definitely buy shares in Apple! There are many things I would like to say to my younger self…telling more people to f**k off would be one of them! #binkylinky

  2. Ahh I love this, hindsight is an amazing thing isn’t it? I love that you would say to enjoy every moment with your grandfather, I think we all need to remember that our loved ones wont be here forever. But yes, buy shares in apple – absolutely!! #binkylinky

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