Back To The Feature Part XVII – Hayley Stainton

Letters to Your Younger Self

Thankyou Hayley for taking part this week. Hayley blogs at and has included some links to specific life events. Enjoy…

Hayley at 18

Dear Hayley,

You think of people aged 30 as being pretty old, but trust me, coming from your 30 year old self I can assure you this is not the case-you have no idea how much you will achieve in the next 12 years! You will become a successful and happy young women, but it won’t be easy work. Here is my advice to you-

Don’t be frivolous with money

Everything will work out in the end but you if you’re not careful you WILL go through hardship to get there. Don’t order so many takeaways or buy so many clothes, these things won’t matter in the long run (and the clothes might not continue to fit you!!).

Be nice to people

There’s no need to fall out with people. Keep your thoughts to yourself and try to be a little bit more mature-your neighbours will thank you for it!

Don’t worry about finding love, you will find it in the end

Lets be honest, you do look like a bit of a tart when you go out in that mini-skirt and low-cut top (no, being from Croydon is not an excuse!). I know you’ve had a difficult time with male figures in your life, but learn to be independent. You are a strong woman who will do wonderful things, don’t doubt yourself! Your 30 year old self is happily married and has a baby on the way, rest assured you will get there in the end!

Pay attention to your studies

Right now you are considering dropping out of college and are on your way to achieving some very poor grades… you should buck your ideas up! Your 30 year old self is about to sit her PhD viva, but she is lucky to be where she is now, in today’s education system it wouldn’t work out so favourably. Oh, and stop skipping French classes in return for nights out clubbing, better language skills will come in useful on your travels!

Travel, travel, travel

You will travel, A LOT. But looking back, I think I could have squeezed a few more trips in. Do that island hopping in Greece that you are considering this summer, get on that flight to Mexico next year and stay in South Africa a bit longer than a week!

Hayley at 30

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