Back To The Feature Part XVI – Lilly Moore

Letters to Your Younger Self

This week it’s Lilly Moore, who, at 19 writes to her 10 year old self. You can see her Blog at Thanks Lilly!

Here’s the letter:

My Dear Darling 10-year-old self,

These letters to past selves are strange, aren’t they? On one hand, you don’t want to look cliché and silly by using phrases like “everything will get better”, “don’t give up” and “darling”, but on the other, if I were you, those would be exactly the kinds of things that I would want to hear.

Anyways, your life right now isn’t a tangled mess or a path with too many crossroads, it’s just a bit of a black hole with very little hope or potential for happiness. You don’t deserve all the bad things that happened to you, and later on you will realize that it’s not normal and it’s not okay. It’s the bullies who are in the wrong, not you. But sometimes in life, you’ve just got to take a deep breath and swim through the bad times, enjoy every good thing that turns up and patiently wait for The Good Times. Even when you can’t really be happy, what you can do is find things to look forward to. Just little things like Christmas and birthdays and meeting up with friends and watching a TV programme.

Over time, you will get to the Stream of Elation and yes, even the Cave of Happiness and Peace. Then you will realize much as you would like to, you can’t just stay in the cave when there are other people out there who need help on their journeys.

You’ve been through a lot and you still have so much more to face, but as long as you stay determined, hopeful and true to yourself, you can do it.

Lots of Love,

Your 19-year-old self, who is very much hoping that you are proud of her and her decisions, despite not being a famous Hollywood actress or even a properly published writer (yet), because she is incredibly proud of you

Twin Mummy and Daddy



  1. Oh i love this. This has inspired me to write my own letter to myself… maybe my 17 year old self… before i met my partner who now 15 years later, we have our first baby with eachother… 🙂 #thatfridaylinky

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