Back To The Feature Part XV – Matty Lewis

Letters to Your Younger Self
For the 15th edition of ‘Back To The Feature’ we speak to Matty Lewis who has a unique niche with his blog blending parenting and fitness. Take a look at Thankyou Matty for taking part:
Dear Matty,
Matty at 18
Matty at 18
Trust me on this one, you are going to have an amazing journey in front of you over the next 14 years. The best bit, you get the Walt Disney version of the ‘Happy Ending’. Nobody likes a spoiler so I will leave the ending for you to find out. However I will give you five tips to follow to ensure you make the most out of the ride.
Live Life With No Regrets – follow your head on all decisions, yes over this journey you will make some extremely bad ones however they will help to build your character and make you the man you are today. Yes you may have strayed down the wrong path a few times but you will have some great stories to tell your children. Yes that’s right you are going to be a Dad one day too.
Take your Dad’s Advice – some time very soon your Dad will advise you to save 10% of your earnings each month and put them away for a rainy day. If you choose to do this you will be able to have an easier life in the future as you can put a larger deposit down on your house and get to spend longer travelling the world.
Continue playing Rugby – hobbies are extremely important, keep playing for Old Redcliffians and make sure you take the new player Ben Chase under your wing. Yes he is a bit of a loose cannon and boy doesn’t he enjoy a drink, however Ben will play a central role in your life and will become your closest friend.
Education is the Key – keep working hard in Education, at University maybe try to do a little more work rather than party non stop. A 2:1 would put you in a better place in terms of work. If you decide to party hard then please make sure you study your PGCE this will ensure you start your career in Education! Yes Matty you work in Education in the future, actually you are the Deputy Manager of an Apprenticeship Academy. Who would have thought it!
I am going to leave you now as I have to attend to our boy, Sonny Bill Lewis. Remember good things come to those who wait, so enjoy the ride and do not rush into a thing for life is too short.
See you on the other side
Matty at 32
Your older & wiser self.

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