Back To The Feature Part VIII – Kelly Allen

Letters to Your Younger Self

Back To The Feature: Some brilliant advice  this week from Kelly Allen. Kelly blogs at Thamkyou for getting involved.

Dear Kelly,

Firstly, you’re going to follow your heart in a few years, go with it and don’t be afraid. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make. Also, be proud of who you are and who you’re becoming, don’t be brought down by your ‘friends’ or other judgemental folk. Yes, you use the word ‘folk these days, but it’s all good.

I know the past has been hard, I know that your childhood haunts you, but the past is exactly that and one day the fear will be under your control, an amazing feeling indeed.

So, stay away from people who give you that gut ‘stay away from him/her’ feeling, your gut is (unbelievably) right every single time. Be around those who accept you for who you are, be around people who lift you up not bring you down and don’t ever stop smiling, no matter how many people tell you, ‘You’re too happy…’, those people suck. One day you’ll meet someone who loves all of you, including your faults.

Basically, keep being you. Oh and maybe spend a bit more time with your Dad, he won’t be around forever. Besides, even though you don’t think it right now, he’s actually quite ace.

Take care younger, braver me.

Kelly xxx

Kelly at 34

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