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Letters to Your Younger Self
Thankyou to Luke Newnes for getting involved. Luke has a great blog at check it out Back To The Feature Part VII

Dear Younger Self!

I am writing to you from the age of 27 years old, trust me when I say when someone asks your age and you respond 27 you do indeed feel old!
I can tell you that you have an amazing wife and little boy, and only have two weeks left until you meet a new arrival. You will go through a stage after your wedding trying for a baby and wondering do you work! (don’t worry mate you work :P.)
I have some important notes for you to take away!
1. – Put your head down at school, I learned the hard way by not and trust me you will want to go to University and not be able to so put your head down!
2. – You will ask your Girlfriend to go out with you about 5 times, persevere, she will say yes and she will become your Wife and most importantly a great Mother to your children.
3. – Spend more time with your Nan, she will become very ill and pass away quickly, you will get the chance to say goodbye, but go round more and eat her cakes and drink the tea.(yes you will become addicted to Tea)

You leave school set of for college to pursue a great IT career

this happens but it isn’t GREAT! your land a job at Capgemini and you will marvel at the income, but don’t let this fool you, money isn’t everything and you will get made redundant. You will now be thinking well what the hell is the point, in going to college and landing this job if everything goes to put it bluntly Tits Up! It’s a life lesson young one and everything happens for a reason!

Your wedding day is amazing and goes by in a flash, soak it all in and hire a god damn videographer, you will think you don’t need one, you do!
After your wedding you will travel to Dubai for the best honeymoon, take factor 50!
Your wife will become pregnant and you will be greeted with the most handsome little one in the world, the labor will be traumatic, there will be people running in and asking you and your mother in law, if anyone has just dropped dead in the family, you will prepare yourself for the worse, that you will either lose your love of your life or your new addition.
Don’t panic everyone comes out just fine, the little one will have to go on antibiotics and you shall stay at the hospital for a week, but everyone makes it and is happy!
You are a great dad and a great man! And you are your little boys Hero, and now you are only two weeks away to meeting a new little one.
You will catch up to my age soon enough, so I shall meet you in the mirror! (oh I nearly forgot, you shall go to the hairdressers and she will shave the whole of your hair off! yes you will be bald my friend, have fun on that one)
p.s. you will spend £200 on Adele tickets, don’t worry it was worth it and you will want to do it all again!


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