Back To The Feature Part III – Bertram Moore

Letters to Your Younger Self

This week we head across the pond…Thank you to 38 year old, Bertram Moore blogger at for taking part in this weeks feature Back To The Feature Part III – Bertram Moore


Dear 14 Year Old Me,

This is your future you speaking. See in the future we have this thing called the Internet that is going to allow me to go back in time and speak to you. The Internet as you know it with the message boards that you scan for bikini pictures of random women have progressed crazily. But I’ll save that for another time.

I wanted to reach back to tell you that you are the great father that you wanted to be and you’re the amazing husband that you never thought you would be. At the time of this writing your daughter is 10 months old and she absolutely adores you. But to get to this point you had to go through an emotional minefield of miscarriages and false starts but you and your wife persevered and was able to adopt a wonderful baby girl.

You’re beginning high school and you have this feeling that you can accomplish anything in the world. You know what, you can. You have to overcome you love for procrastination and you have to focus. The problem with people like you is that because you, well me, err, us, is that when we feel like we can do everything, we end up trying TO DO everything. Find your focus early in high school it will help you avoid lots of roadblocks.

Look around at school – you won’t see 90% of those people once you graduate from high school. Ignore what they are doing and keep marching to your own beats. I won’t spoil the surprise just know that you and Stretch are still tight like nuts and bolts. We have the best adventures once we leave our hometown. You will need to continue your independent spirit of wanting to leave South Carolina as of this writing you have lived in 3 major metro areas in the US. You even get to live in your favorite city on the West Coast. Yes, you moved to Seattle! Living in Seattle fundamentally changes you for the better because of the people you met and your experiences there.

I know right now cutting your grandmother’s grass is a chore that you wish you didn’t have to do. But please know she is happy you are doing it. Everything that happened in the past let it go. Spend some time with her; actually spend a lot of time with her and Cousin Lula. They won’t be around forever. It’s important that you spend this time and learn from them. There will come a time when you wish they could be there for you and they won’t be able to. Actually that’s for all of the older people in your life. Take 3 days a month and visit them and get their knowledge.

I’m running short on time so let me give you a cliff notes on something’s:

  • Google – remember it, write it down, and invest early.
  •  Junior Prom…just know that people are who they are – act accordingly
  • As much fun as getting laid is when you ‘re a freshman at college, please study…that first semester GPA almost got you kicked out.
  • Believe in your talents
  • You get over your stuttering and you end up developing a gift of gab.
  • Don’t steal. Sounds weird saying that but you will understand in about a year.
  • Don’t let your real friends turn into strangers. There will come a time where paths may diverge but don’ t let it get too far.

Life gets crazy for a period of time in your 20s. You will feel lost and like you are just floating. Prepare for it, embrace the doubters, and push through.

Overall you’re a success. You have touched more lives that you could have ever imagined. Always keep being you – being who you are is what makes you special.


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