Back To The Feature Part II – Tom Mayes

Letters to Your Younger Self

Huge thank you to Tom Mayes blogger at for taking in part in ‘Back To The Feature’

Dear Tom at 18,

Tom at 18

I am writing to you from the future, your 30 year old self. I can tell you that you are happily married and have two amazing children. You are also a stay at home dad! Probably not what you were expecting to hear when you are about to embark into the world of university. Speaking of university, you may be thinking whats the point if I just end up at home? But, you won’t be where you are now if you don’t. A little tip for first year, please drink less and study more. You wouldn’t want to fail your first year or fall short of a 2.2 by 0.4% right? Make sure you keep in touch with the friends you make, you already know your not great at that.

Now you may be thinking what am I going to do after university? Maths is good for becoming an accountant I’ll do that. Wrong, it doesn’t work out and trust me it’s for the best. Don’t worry about disappointing your family, they support you through all the decisions you make. Becoming an outdoor instructor is going to be great, oh yes, so I bet you weren’t expecting that? This is where you learn how to learn. Just make sure you aren’t patronising, yes you know what I mean. Those thoughts that I am the best and such aren’t entirely helpful. Try and get your qualifications done sooner rather than later. Please try and be less fearful, remember you are good at this stuff and trust your equipment and friends.

Finally, make sure you spend time with your family, especially your grandparents. They love you and moving away means you have to make time to see them, so make sure you do. You are blessed with a loving family both near and far, related and adopted. Your children will test you, but ultimately they are children, it’s what they do. Your wife is amazing, make sure you show your love and tell her how your feeling and why. Most importantly trust in the Lord, you do now and through Him you make great decisions. Don’t sweat the small things and take time to enjoy the moment, they pass quickly.

God bless

Tom at 30

Tom at 30

PS Please get someone to take a picture of the slab of crackling at your wedding, no one believes how big it was.

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