Back To The Feature Part IX – Sarah Leaford

Letters to Your Younger Self

Back To The Feature: Slightly different contributor this week, Sarah is not a blogger but a personal trainer at Inside Out Health & Fitness Sarah takes us on a very personal journey with a letter to her 18 year old self. Thank you for taking part!

Dear Sarah,

imgp0173-copyOh Sarah, right now you are so fearless and full of self belief. Please please don’t lose it. Going to Uni now is probably not ideal, even though you feel like you mustn’t step off the education train. Sarah, believe me when I say that you will end up a much more stable and happy person if you grow up in your own time instead of trying to behave the way a typical 18/20/25 year old behaves. If you still want to watch Disney films, are too homesick to leave home for uni just yet and don’t feel ready for the grown up world, then that’s okay. You will eventually and every body is different. I really want you to follow this advice, because you may well end up a much more confident, less anxious person with far less war wounds. You may also realise before you have completed all your training that teaching isn’t the job for you.

You will do a bit of travelling in your early 20’s. Enjoy it, appreciate it and maybe be even braver and do some more. Make a list and tick off those countries.

Be Prepared for Ups and Downs

and a particularly difficult time when being an only child suddenly feels very lonely and hard, but you will surprise yourself at how resilient you are. Another piece of advice-watch out for an idiot called Geoff!

slBut then again, maybe you should disregard all of what I have said because aged 29, you have some lovely friends, a job you enjoy and you are really self aware and understanding of those with similar self doubt and anxiety.
The journey you have been through has made you who you are now and got you to this point, and so that’s okay right? And there’s still loads of time to do that travelling.

Just keep having fun. Oh, and maybe have a few one night stands at Uni and get drunk
once or twice – it feels weird being 29 and saying you haven’t done either!

Lots of love your still-not-quite-grown-up 29 year old self


PS You haven’t met the love of your life aged 29 but you’re still hopeful!

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