October 23, 2016 admin 1

Thursday we went to Paultons Park. This was Oliver’s first  experience of Roller Coasters and he absolutely loved it! Looking forward to some more ‘hardcore’ rides […]

My #SundayPhoto

October 16, 2016 admin 5

My #SundayPhoto Not the best quality photo this week but I love the content. My mum came for dinner and had ‘Nanny cuddles’ with my […]

Harry’s Feeding Frenzy!

October 13, 2016 admin 2

Concerns Majority of the time I consider myself to be one of the luckiest men alive, then I remember that my friends without babies have […]


October 12, 2016 admin 2

Just a quick one… Since creating my blog little less than a month ago, interest has continued to grow. My Facebook page www.facebook.com/fatherleemoments has played […]

My #SundayPhoto

October 9, 2016 admin 3

This week is cheating a little bit as this photo was taken a while ago.  I wanted to post a picture of my amazing wife […]