The Hairy Baby!

January 28, 2017 admin 0

When #CurlyWoo was born the first thing I noticed was the mop already on his head. I was under the impression  most babies lost some […]


January 21, 2017 admin 3

My Wife often sends me photos of what the kids have been up to while i’ve been at work, this one realy made me laugh… […]


January 20, 2017 admin 0

This week was a huge milestone for #TheBoy and something that my wife and I had been putting of for a while. After 2 years […]

#MySundayPhoto – TEETH!

January 15, 2017 admin 7

This week #CurlyWoo has been suffering with his teeth. Hardly surprising when you think that they are razor sharp bone cutting through gums. However to […]