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'Nothing has brought me more peace and content in life than simply being a good husband and father' – Frank Abagnale


My Wife often sends me photos of what the kids have been up to while i’ve been at work, this one realy made me laugh… #TheBoy insisted he helped cook dinner. #MySundayPhoto


This week was a huge milestone for #TheBoy and something that my wife and I had been putting of for a while. After 2 years and 8 months we said good bye to his dummy! This was one of 3 milestones… Continue Reading →

Back To The Feature Part XVI – Lilly Moore

This week it’s Lilly Moore, who, at 19 writes to her 10 year old self. You can see her Blog at  https://moonbeamsonthepath.wordpress.com/ Thanks Lilly! Here’s the letter: My Dear Darling 10-year-old self, These letters to past selves are strange, aren’t they?… Continue Reading →

#MySundayPhoto – TEETH!

This week #CurlyWoo has been suffering with his teeth. Hardly surprising when you think that they are razor sharp bone cutting through gums. However to see him smile like this almost makes it worth while  

Back To The Feature Part XV – Matty Lewis

For the 15th edition of ‘Back To The Feature’ we speak to Matty Lewis who has a unique niche with his blog blending parenting and fitness. Take a look at www.buggiesandbarbells.com Thankyou Matty for taking part: Dear Matty, Trust me on… Continue Reading →

Back In Time For Dinner (1950s)

Regular readers of my blog will be aware I enjoy food almost as much as a enjoy parenting! Lucky for me household meal times blend the two. Another passion of mine is history, within the UK we have a lot… Continue Reading →

#MySundayPhoto Winner Winner Sunday Dinner

Sunday has always been my favorite day of the week. I am not religious but like (where possible) to treat this as a day of rest  and time spent with the family. I have fond memories of my own childhood…. Continue Reading →

The Irish Fairy Door Company & Dougie The Elf!

Following on from a previous review from The Irish Fairy Door Company of ‘Paint Your Own Fair Door’ I was invited to try another door from their range. Christmas this year was magical as #TheBoy was old enough to understand about Father… Continue Reading →

Back To The Feature Part XIV – Paul Wandason

Back To The Feature is back and to kick things of for 2017  we are hear from Paul Wandason who blogs at Time 2 Timetravel”  https://www.time2timetravel.com the blog is about time and time travel and include thoughts about the subject, as well… Continue Reading →

2016 A Year on Instagram

This post has been inspired by a fellow blogger I stumbled across http://www.lifewithbabykicks.com/2016/12/2016-year-photographs.html Having read this I have started to think that Instagram is a very under used tool. A lot of the photos I post on there tend to be ‘fun at the… Continue Reading →

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